About Maple, Aisha & Bella

Maple, Aisha & Bella was founded in 2022 and is named for Maple, the love of my heart, a ten year old double dapple female miniature dachshund that passed away from liver cancer on January 23, 2022. 

Maple was a native New Yorker, born in Manhattan, New York. She lived in Chicago, New York, Florida and California and loved the outdoors, animals and car rides; on my lap. She loved chasing deer, squirrels and lounging cows. She stayed in many five star hotels from the Mandarin to the Wynn and ate gourmet dog food that was cooked by professional chefs or by my Mom and me.

She flew first class and was loved by air hostesses, who often asked me if they could walk her down the aisle to meet other flyers. I miss her deeply, we were a bonded pair and I think about her and pray that she has a companion in heaven, daily.

Aisha & Bella are miniature black and tan short haired/smooth dachshunds, that are nine months old. They are sisters from the same litter. After Maple's passing, when I went to pick them up, Aisha, the smaller dachshund came to me and Bella cried at being left alone. I did not have the heart to take one pup and leave the other pup, so I took both the sisters together as a pair.

They snuggle with me on the bed daily and sample the different treats that I buy for them. Like Maple, both dachshunds are picky eaters and prefer fresh human grade food over dried and oven baked dog foods.

Maple, Bella and Aisha was created for two purposes: one to carry human grade dog food, either fresh, freeze dried, or air dried dog food without natural preservatives that are nutritious and two, make a difference in the lives of dogs, locally and worldwide.

A portion of our profits are used to purchase dog insurance and supply healthy dog food for shelter and low income dogs, on an ongoing basis.