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Canine Co - Bison Marrow Bone 6-8"

Canine Co - Bison Marrow Bone 6-8"

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Throughout 2020 and even before, people have been asking us for something long-lasting, something that will "keep their dog busy" when they leave the house, "give them a break while they work from home."

Our Bison Marrow Bones are from USDA inspected Colorado farms and are from hindshank and femur marrow bones.

The bones are slow-roased with no spices, no salt, no rubs, no smoke, no charcoal and nothing toxic. Each bone is slow roasted over 40 hours, ensuring the perfect amount moisture is maintained throughout the process, strengthening the bone, and preventing splintering and breakage.

Each bone generally lasts a month for large dogs and much longer for medium to small dogs.

In the words of their founder: Ashlin Cook, "Our dogs are our family, and we want them to live long healthy lives by our side."

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